If you want vitals like height/weight, then forget it! But if you want to know a bit about me, here's all you need to know!

I was born & raised in SoCal, but now live in a small city in western AZ. After putting up my group and my site I've received a lot of feedback from people saying "I saw your photos and they're not so 'Kinky'. But considering where I grew up and where I currently live, I think I'm pretty damn Kinky! "I'll try anything once," are words I live by! I have always enjoyed being an exhibitionist, but never even considered running a website until a high-school girlfriend said I should do it. She's now my photographer for a lot of the shoots I do! I host parties in the area, plus travel to Phoenix, Vegas and other surrounding areas meeting up with fans of my site & group. If you'd like to join me for photos, be sure to email me!