- F A N     F U X X X -

When I first put up the website I considered doing a "Win a Date" type contest like I had seen on other sites. But after trying it a couple of times I realized that I didn't like picking a winner and I didn't like the "date". So I've decided to change the concept a bit. Instead of "Winning A Date" with me...I'll be reading my emails from you guys and selecting which ones of you I want to fuck. We don't meet for drinks or dinner, or any of that crap. I meet you in a hotel or wherever, we get naked and we fuck. After you cum all over me, we get dressed and go our seperate ways! It's as simple as that! Here are some samples of just a few of my latest Fan Fuxxx:

Deion Archie Billy Ceasar

If you'd think you've got what it takes to fuck me on camera, just drop me an email with your full face/body photo. You must include a photo or you won't be considered. Also, I don't mind travelling short distances and I'll travel to Phoenix, Vegas or other close areas...but do not bother applying if you are in Miami and you have no intentions of coming to Arizona. There's just no way I can travel that far to fuck you!