- M Y     G A L L E R I E S -

While I've been kinky for years, I just now started being followed around by a camera man! But as you can see from the samples below, I still have a wide variety of images and even some good video clips already done! I've hooked up with a few fans from my Yahoo Group and even attended a couple good sex parties! I'm trying to round out my kinky fantasies with some classy nudes and exhibitionism images (I love to show off, especially in public!) Anyway, check out the pics below and I hope you like. Email me and let me know what you think. And especially email me if you'd like to be in some photos with me so I have more to put on here!!!

This should give you an example of the kinds of things I do and the types of photos you will see in my Fan Club area. If you'd like to see more of my adventures, just click on the button below. And if you'd like to join me and make our own adventure, be sure to email me!!!