- M Y   P A R T I E S :     H A L L O W E E N -

Last Halloween I attended a costume party that claimed was adult natured. I wasn't sure exactly what that meant, but I dressed up in a sexy school-girl costume and wondered if it might be a bit too revealing for the party. Boy was I wrong! This photo is me posing with one of the guests. After this photo the hosts opened a "Gory Hole" which is what they were calling a Glory Hole they had made for guests. As soon as a guy got in there I jumped over and volunteered to be the Gory Hole girl! :) After blowing some guests in there one of them wanted to return the favor and he went down on me...right on the couch in front of everyone! Later that night another guest dressed as a painter asked me if I wanted to fuck! So we headed off to one of the bedrooms and he promptly made good on his offer! The bedroom door was wide open and they even came in and opened up the blinds so all the guests outside could watch! The party was a blast and we got some great photos!