- M Y     P A R T I E S -

Next Event: ProBowl Gangbang - Lake Havasu, AZ

I'm heading over to my friend Oasis's ProBowl party on Saturday, Jan 30th. You can find the party details HERE. Make sure to fill out Oasis's Video Application Form if you'd like to attend and join me at the party! :)

I am not that experienced at hosting big parties, but lately I've started to get into it and have had a great time! I plan to be hosting & attending a lot more house parties in the future and would love to have some of you guys meet me there! Mostly the parties I host or co-host are House Parties open to all couples and then select singles. Although, I've hosted a party recently that was all guys and one girl and they gangbanged me!!! It was my first! I host most of my parties in Arizona. The gangbang was held in Phoenix, but others are held a few hours west of there. I also intend to host some events in Vegas and other surrounding areas. So, if you'd like to attend one of these functions, just pop me an email and let me know!!! Meanwhile, take a look at some of the action you've missed so far! Hehe.

This should give you an example of the kinds of parties I host, co-host or attend. And shows the type of party photos you will see in my Fan Club area. If you would like to join in for any of these parties, be sure to send me an email. I'm always looking for more couples, and single guys to attend my parties! If you'd like to see more of my adventures, just click on the button below.

To get more info about the parties I attend, and to see a party calendar and application on how you can join, go check out Real Orgy Parties by clicking on the banner below!